Field Watches

What are field watches and are they still a thing?

In the watch world, I think one of the controversial subjects is represented by the field watch. I did not yet find a definition that everyone agrees with, although there is one which a majority considers true.


I like the simplicity of field watches however the market is kind of shrinking since field watches are not that popular anymore. I consider myself a fan of field watches although I must admit that nowadays when the watch market is so attractive and full of options, my field watches might sit in a drawer for too long. Either way, if you are a fan, a collector, a rookie or you are just looking for a simple yet tough watch then a field watch might be a pretty good way of investing your money.


  • Toughness/Durability


While not as tough as G-Shocks, watches have to be pretty tough in order to enter the field watch category. Usually, a stainless steel or titanium case is the rule here and speaking of the window, mineral crystal is fine, sapphire crystal is great. If you want top of the line durability with titanium case, sapphire crystal window and high-quality straps you will probably have to pull more money out of your pocket.


  • Readability


A field watch must be readable in any situation, so most of the time it will have a high-contrast display with good markings and lume hands.


  • Simplicity


If it ain’t simple it probably isn’t a field watch. I appreciate simplicity because it means the manufacturer is capable of implementing quality features without making it too complicated. Of course, some may consider it boring but there are a lot of people who only want a watch to do its primary job as good as possible.


  • Formal style


I think every field watch should incorporate in one form or another a bit of formal style. Since today’s field watches are inspired by WW2 models, I think you can always wear a suit or formal clothing with this kind of watches.


  • Leather or canvas bands


While stainless steel can also be an option, the most popular bands for field watches are canvas and leather because they are comfortable, simple and easy to change whenever needed. I prefer leather over canvas most of the time but you are free to choose whichever you feel might be best for you. Again this is a feature inherited from WW2 patterns.


There are lots of resources showcasing very good field watches on the web. I found this site to be very useful on the field watch matter:


This is pretty much all I have to say on the field watch topic. I hope my explanations helped you better understand the field watch world. The bullets points presented in this text showcase some of the main characteristics of a field watch, although I am pretty sure there are other aspects that I might have missed while writing this.


One last thing before I go, there are also plenty of forums on the internet which you can join if you are not only interested in buying a field watch. If you are a collector or a passionate on the subject as I am, you will find these forums very good to discuss all sorts of topics on whatever crosses your mind about watches. That being said, I hope you have a great day.